Subcontractor Communication Network

Providing information on tender documents, site artisan entry and exit records, partner visits, event information, for our Partners, aiming at strengthening our network and create a "Happy-Family Workplace" atmosphere.

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1.This webpage is only open to contractors / users authorized by our Company.

2.This website only provides information on the entrances and exits of employees of our subcontractors and sub-subcontractors.

3.Each contractor's authorized person / user can only download or print the entry and exit records of the employees of the particular contractor and their subcontractors.

4.All information downloaded or printed from this website is for reference only.

5. If the contractor browses, reads, downloads or otherwise collects personal data on this website, he must strictly comply with the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Chapter 486 of the Laws of Hong Kong) regarding the use and processing of personal data. All personal information obtained from this website is confined only to the purpose of construction contracts of particular sites. Any legal liabilities regarding the use of above information has to be shouldered by the contractor himself.

6.The Company has the right to terminate the authorization of any authorized persons / users at any time.

7.The Company has no obligation to confirm the accuracy of the downloaded information. Should any disputes arise, the online record shall prevail.

8.The Company reserves the final right to use all materials downloaded from this website.

9.The Company has the right to prohibit anyone from use / storage / transfer of the data collected from this website. The person who takes such action will be responsible solely for any legal actions and the Company shall not be subject to any legal obligation or liabilities here.

10.The information collected by anyone from this webpage must not be disclosed, exchanged, passed on or transferred to any third parties or business partners without the Company's consent, otherwise it is regarded as illegal action.

11.Should you have any enquiries about the above clauses or this website, please contact Ms. Lam at 3110 2508.